Nate Miles in Toledo

Nate Miles, the former Libbey Cowboy was back in Toledo today. The following are quotes taken from the story that aired on April 30 at 6:00 pm:

HAUBERT: What's it like coming home and seeing a lot of familiar faces again?

MILES: It's a good experience for me to come back home, being gone so long, just gettin' a chance to chill with my friends and family and just hoop...ain't worried about nothin and havin' fun, that's what it's all about

HAUBERT: What was it like at Southern Idaho?

MILES: It was cool. It was different. It was like some Napoleon Dynamite. That's what it was like but it was a good experience for me to get away from everybody and just clear my head after the stuff that went on at UConn.

HAUBERT: How excited are you to get all that stuff behind you and turn a new page in your life and maybe go pro?

MILES: It's real big for me. With all the Connecticut...and never bein' able to play. Who knows if I play on that team we win the whole thing? The Decidsion for me to go pro was me and my family's. We felt it was time and I just decided to declare my name in the NBA draft.