No fine for Tressel, plus he gets paid

You can try to erase an almost perfect season, a Big Ten championship and a Sugar Bowl victory, but you certainly won't forget them. Ohio State University voluntarily vacated all of their wins from the 2010 football season, including their seventh straight victory over Michigan.

The school hopes to appease the NCAA ethics police and avoid further penalties, including a ban on postseason play and a reduction in scholarships.

The university also stated former coach Jim Tressel's $250,000 fine has been waived and his status has been changed from 'resigned' to 'retired'.

He will now receive $52,000 for services rendered through June 30 and he will be compensated for unused sick time and vacation. He is also eligible for health insurance as a former state employee.

Do you think Tressel got off easy? Should the NCAA impose more sanctions on Ohio State now that they've vacated their wins? Leave your comment with us below.