OSU wrestling coach Tom Ryan holds camp at Southview High School

Tom Ryan instructs two young wrestlers during Tuesday's wrestling camp at Southview High School.

TOLEDO -- Wrestlers of all shapes and sizes packed the mats at Southview High School Tuesday to learn from the best.

"I came here because Tom Ryan is a great coach,â?? said Southview senior wrestler Jared Grunberg. â??I came here just to get better and work on my fundamentals so I can really improve my game."

Coach Ryan will begin his 10th season with the Buckeyes next year posting a 100-39 all-time record. Much of that success as a Buckeye has been to recruiting in Ohio.

"This state is one of the best wrestling states in the country,â?? said Ryan, â??So as you build relationships and teach wrestling, you have the opportunity to get to know some of these young guys and think down the road and potentially recruit some of these guys.â??

While Tuesday was all about mastering the quickest escape and perfecting the double leg take-down, there is another message that coach Ryan sends his campers.

"It's kind of a faith component; I share stories that transcend the wrestling mat and kind of life skills, life lesson type of thing. The longer and harder we challenge ourselves, we suffer, the better chance we have at being successful, so we want people to make a connection between the two. We learn more about ourselves running up the hill than coming down the hill."