Owens women's soccer team wins debut match

The teams line up for pre-game introductions.

The Owens women's soccer team played their first game as an NJCAA intercollegiate sport on Sunday and they didn't disappoint.

Taking on Mercyhurst College North East, the Express but four goals on the board in the first half and added an additional six in the second to win 10-1.

Kendra Eitniear of Swanton lead the way with six goals. "I was pumped on the first three and after that my coach told me to get some more." said Eitniear. Southview alum Marissa Szabo added three and Haley Gasser, a former Northview Wildcat, had another.

First year programs tend to have a hard time finding their footing, but head coach Mary Whisler expects more from her ladies. "We're not just going to have a beginning year...we're going to try and do something this season."

Last year the Express competed as a club sport.