Quidditch invades BG

As the Bowling Green baseball team was taking on Central Michigan at Steller Field, there were roars of cheers coming from the intramural fields not too far away.

Five schools gathered for friendly games of Muggle Quidditch, a real life version of the fictional game Quidditch from the Harry Potter novels.

Although it may sound like something only found on college campuses, the sport has it's own World Cup which takes place in New York City every year and involves teams from all over the world.

BGSU, Ohio State and Eastern Michigan were among the teams particitpating on Sunday. All three schools are members of the International Quidditch Association.

The game basically involves players riding broom sticks while attempting to get a ball through one of three hoops, stationed at each end of the field, in order to score points. Teams consist of both men and women.

"I think the most interesting thing is that there's a lot of diversity in the game...It's not just scoring goals and defending hoops," said BGSU sophomore and member of the BG Mauraders, Joe Pavlik. "It just goes beyond the bounds of, like, standard football and hockey rules...It's really fun, it gets everyone involved, anyone can play, it's like an average joe sport."

Would you participate in Quidditch?