Should the Browns honor Modell?

Former Browns owner, Art Modell, passed away Thursday at the age of 87. His death brings up many old feelings in NFL fans. Depending on who you ask and where you ask it, you will probably get two very different answers.

Here in Ohio he was, quite simply, hated but in Baltimore he was a hero.

Modell broke the heart of Ohioans when he moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1996.

Despite all of the amazing things he did for the city of Cleveland and the game of football Browns fans have never seemed to truly forgive him.

During his 43 years as a team owner he was president of the league, helped create the first collective bargaining agreement, helped create NFL Films and was instrumental in the creation of monday night football.

No matter what you think about the man, the National Football League would not be what it is today without Art Modell.

What are your lasting memories of Modell? Should the Browns honor Modell Sunday when they open their season in Cleveland against the Eagles?