Tigers fans get wild before ALDS Game

Tigers Fan / Adam Solomon

Excluding the Red Wings, followers of the professional teams that reside in Detroit have been wishing the terrible run would come to an end. With the Tigers in the playoffs and the Lions 4-0, things are looking up.

The Tigers are tied 2-2 in the ALDS after a 10-1 route at the hands of the New York Yankees on Tuesday night. After a six-run, eighth inning, the crowds started filing out of the stadium to beat the traffic. Fans left early despite the fact that former Tiger and Toledo Mudhen, Curtis Granderson, was putting on a show. Granderson had two amazing catches including one that could be the catch of the year. Of course, Granderson is known for his spectacular catches.

"If I miss that one, there's nothing there but the wall back there and some ivy," Granderson said. "Who knows what could have happened at that point -- especially with it being the first inning. We get behind in an elimination game, here in Detroit, the fans stay in it."