Toledo Raiders pound the gridiron in NFL-style combine

A Toledo Raiders jersey.

The Toledo Raiders competed in an NFL-style combine, Saturday, February 2, at the Tam-O-Shanter in Sylvania. Players were put through agility drills, such as the 40-yard dash, triangle drills, then dividing into groups. "Basically what they do in the NFL," owner and head coach, Richard Dale said.

The Toledo Raiders is a first-year team, which gives football players a chance to further their football career, in hopes to be recognized by organized football leagues, colleges, or even the NFL. "It gives them the opportunity to continue playing the game they love so much," said Coach Dale.

"I am a 23-year disabled veteran. I am not able to do a lot of things. I love (football) so much I was like why not be a coach? I love the game so much," Coach Dale said.

Ernest Winters, a returning player for Coach Dale, said, "Heâ??s got a group of guys who love doing this. If you got a group of guys who love doing it, you canâ??t go wrong. He is a good coach. I was playing for Bowsher and Coach Dale heard about me, so I got to playing flag football and he really came out and checked me out."

Making it into NFL is the goal for one father, Brandon Harris. "I have not played football since I was in Scott High School. I have been wanting to play football for awhile. My daughter is 3-year-old daughter and I am doing this for her. I told her that her daddy is going to play football and Iâ??m going to play football. This means a lot, hopefully this starts off my NFL career."

Kyle Murray, also a returning player of Coach Dale, said that the Raiders are determined for a title. "We are coming out here success this year. We are going for a title. That is what we want."

"If you love the game so much, come on out. I do not turn anybody away," said Coach Dale.