Toledo Speedway kicks off its Friday night racing

Fans send out the first Sportsman feature of theF Friday night season.

We started the feature part of the night with the fans sending off the Sportsman entries. The first lap of the race saw Greg Stilwell spinning out into the #118 Landon Schuster to force a race restart. To lap 14, Ron Allen in the #69 will pass Howard Kelley Jr. in the #11. Allen would never give up the lead and come away with the first Sportsman feature of the Friday night racing series.

The 4-Cylinders were up next. Things were chippy in this one. Jeff Wells in the #68 spins out Perry Marlow in the #40, and with neither driver taking the blame, they were both forced to the back of the line. Wells would keep up the risky driving, eventually earning himself a black flag. All of this drama left an opening for Perry's son Michael Marlow in the #14 to come away with the victory.

After that was the Figure-8 entries. Your leader for pretty much the whole race was Greg Studt in the #33. He was in a couple questionable spots several times throughout the race but came away unharmed to take the win.