UT coach Tim Beckman tired of 'timeout' question

Tim Beckman deflected questions on his time management skills during his weekly press conference on Thursday.

Press conferences are usually a good time to catch up on your sleep but Thursday's University of Toledo football presser was as entertaining as it was uncomfortable.

It featured UT coach Tim Beckman fielding a number of questions from newspaper columnist Dave Hackenberg, about his failure to call a timeout in the final minutes of Tuesday night's 63-60 loss to Northern Illinois.

The Rockets had a four point lead late in the fourth quarter but Beckman chose not to use any of his three timeouts as NIU's offense took over with about four minutes left in the game, ran the clock down inside 30-seconds and scored the game-winning touchdown with 19-seconds remaining.

"Our job as a defense was to stop them," said Beckman. "And we didn't get that taken care of."

When Hackenberg asked if Beckman was aware of criticism surrounding his clock management skills, Beckman said he was not.

"I've been asked a lot of questions," said Beckman.

"I'm assuming it's out there but in this profession, you guys got to remember i've been doing this 47 years. I didn't just start being a football coach. I was born a football coach. So, I've been around this stuff for a long time now and I understand there are things maybe somebody thinks or somebody else thinks but the bottom line is, what can we do to make sure these kids are successful?"

Beckman continued, saying he was looking towards the future.

"Right now we need to worry about Western Michigan. We don't need to be worrying about what happened two days ago."

The exchange continued throughout the presser as shown in the accompanying video.