UT's APR breakdown and comments from Gene Cross

Former UT head basketball coach Gene Cross spoke with us about the Rockets APR score during his tenure.

Figuring out the NCAA's Academic Performance Rate (APR) is not an easy task.

On a very basic level, it means players must remain eligible and complete the school year in good academic standing. After that it gets complicated.

Here's what we do know; the NCAA looked at the University of Toledo men's basketball teams APR scores from a four year window starting with Stan Joplin's final season, through the Gene Cross era and finishing with Tod Kowalczyk's first year.

The average score from those four years is under the acceptable average and consequently, the Rockets were penalized.

"It's very unfortunate that these young men and this program, is going to have to pay a price for that," said Cross, now an assistant coach in the NBADL. "It's something that needs to be rectified on the NCAA level so that young men, who have nothing to do with whatever happened prior to them, doesn't have to pay."

We spoke with Joplin via telephone Wednesday night, he told us he had no comment on the situation.

As for Kowalczyk, despite the news he remains confident the post season ban, the loss of regular season games and reduction of practice time will be overturned.

Later this month and in July, the NCAA's Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) will meet and Toledo's situation will be a topic of discussion.

The CAP has the power to call for a reversal of UT's penalties.

"Personally, I still think and maybe I'm just being optimistic," said Kowalczyk. "I still think come July, Toledo will be allowed to play in the post season for the [2013] tournament."