WWE's Sheamus in Toledo

WWE heavyweight champ Sheamus fires up the kids at Whittier elementary school in West Toledo.

You wouldn't think a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar would have problems being bullied but that's not the case.

WWE heavyweight champ Sheamus, spoke to a group of students at Whittier elementary school in west Toledo on Tuesday about bullying.

He admitted that he in fact, was a victim of bullying as a youth.

"I was bullied as a kid meself," said the Irish-born entertainer. "Together with the other superstars of the WWE, we feel like we've got a great audience with all the kids who watch our show."

Sheamus, who's real name is Stephen Farrlley continued, "We feel like we've got a lot of positive influence there to help thme and make everyone aware of the harmful effects of bullying and get together and try to put an end to it."

In addition to speaking to the kids, Sheamus signed autographs for fans at Car Stereo One.

Approximately 800 WWE enthusiasts stood in a line for a chance to meet and speak to their hero including one vocal grandpa.

"Woooooo," yelled pops in an homage to his favorite wrestler.

WWE's "Smackdown" is being taped at the Huntington Center and is scheduled to be broadcast on national television on Friday.