Emotional win for Ottawa Hills

Ottawa Hills' boys basketball team defeated Toledo Christian 49-47 Friday.

Ottawa Hills was mourning the loss of senior student Brian Hoeflinger who had died one week prior to the game in a car accident. Funeral services Hoeflinger were held earlier Friday before the game, but there were symbols of his memory throughout the gym. Many of the Ottawa Hills students wore light blue in honor of Hoeflinger because he was planning on attending the University of North Carolina. A moment of silence was observed before the game, and during the game the Green Bears players wore bands with the initials "BH" on their shoulders.

After the funeral, the Green Bears basketball team said they were dedicating the rest of the season to Hoeflinger.

Geoff Beans and R.J. Coil led Ottawa Hills with 18 points each as the Green Bears pulled within one game of first place Toledo Christian.