Game Time! (1/19/12)

Point #1

White Shadow

Dre called it last week on the Friday Night Frenzy, referencing a modern-day White Shadow (the tv show from the 70â??s). The Scott Bulldogs under head coach Chris Dames knock off Rogers in a thriller last week to remain unbeaten in the City League. Is Dre surprised?

Point #2

Dark Horse

Central Catholic handed Whitmer their first loss of the year last week on the Frenzy, making it a 3-way tie with Whitmer, Central and St. Johnâ??s for tops in the TRAC. Can Central win this league?

Point #3

Private School Showdown

As we mentioned, thereâ??s a 3-way tie for first in the TRAC, Central beat Whitmer last week, they get St. Johnâ??s this week. Dre's prediction?