Game Time! (2/16/12)

It's Game Time!

Eric Haubert and Andre Savage set up and knock down their three-points as they do every Thursday.

Here are this week's points:

Point #1


We touched on this a few weeks ago; The City League is no longer holding a final four but the league now has a playoff format where all 6 teams are eligible. Every team in the city already plays each other twice, is a playoff necessary?

Point #2

How much is too much?

Another follow-up; Blow-out basketball. This year there seems to be incredible separation between good and bad teams and itâ??s showing up on the scoreboard with 50-80-point wins. If Andre was a coach, when would enough be enough?

Point #3

Panthers vs Irish Part II

The Friday Night Frenzy game of the week is Whitmer at Central Catholic. The Irish knocked off the Panthers at Whitmer earlier this year. This time itâ??s on Cherry Street. Who does Dre pick to win?