Game Time! (3/1/12)

It's Game Time!

Eric Haubert and Andre Savage setting up and knocking down their three points as they do every Thursday.

Here are this week's points:

Point #1

Tourney time

It's tournament time in high school basketball. Andre said at the beginning of the season, Rogers had the best chance at bringing home a state title in Division I. Now that we've played the season, does 'Dre see anyone else that has a shot at making it to Columbus?

Point #2

What sportsmanship?

It happened again, so we talk about it again. Here are two recent scores from girl's high school basketball games; 90-14 and 93-16. Is sportsmanship no longer something that is important to today's coaches?

Point #3

Buckeyes Struggle

Ohio State has lost about as many as they've won in the last two weeks. They're even out of the top 10 in one poll but it is only the regular season. The post season tips-off next week, does Andre see them winning the Big 10 tournament?