Gibsonburg: The Movie

How many times have you thought to yourself, 'that would make a great movie'?

That thought is becoming reality in Gibsonburg.

A movie is currently in production telling the story of the 2005 Gibsonburg High School State Championship baseball team.

The Golden Bears went 6-17 in the regular season but 8-0 in the post season en route to a Divison IV State Championship.

Bob Mahaffey, the films writer/producer/director, was talking to the husband of a family member who told him the Gibsonburg story over Thanksgiving dinner.

From there, the Dublin, Ohio based filmmaker went to work.

He has a limited budget of $200,000 and uses a number of college kids on and off-screen to cut costs.

There are some professionals, like comedian and actress Judy Tenuta, plus an emmy-award winning cinematographer and a Hollywood director but the majority of the cast and crew are students.

Mahaffey plans on entering the film in the Sundance, Tribeca and Toronto film festivals.