Gibsonburg: The Movie in progress

It's a movie that could be the next "Hoosiers" and it happened here in northwest Ohio.

We've followed the production of "Gibsonburg: The Movie" from early filming in Gibsonburg and Columbus to it's first screening last month.

The movie is about the 2005 Gibsonburg High School baseball team. The only team to have a sub .500 record and win a state championship in Ohio.

"We're in the final stages of editing," said the film's writer and director, Bob Mahaffey.

"We have three editors that are holed up in an apartment. They're working seven days a week and all their doing is living, breathing, sleeping 'Gibsonburg'. The whole goal is by February 1 to have a film that is completely free of flaws throughout."

Mahaffey said he hopes to have the film ready for a summer release date.

Our Tim McMahon will have much more on this story on Tuesday, December 20 at 6:00.