Kadre Washington inspiring Bowsher Basketball

The average local basketball fan knows Bowsher is good - heck they're real good.

They're only one win away from 18, the most victories in school history and are ranked 10th in Division I.

That same fan probably knows Nate Allen is the best player and the heart of the team.

They would be half right, the heart belongs to Kadre Washington.

Washington is the teams manager. He's tried out for the team every year he's been in high school but could not make the squad due to some physical short comings. When he was three, he went into cardiac arrest and eventually went into a coma.

He lost all of his small intestines, his growth has been stunted. When he came out of the coma he had to learn how to walk and talk all over.

Washington was supposed to die within a couple years. He's 17-years-old and on the varsity basketball team as the manager.

On February 7th, he got into his first game, a blowout at home against Waite.

He shot the ball almost every time he touched it but he couldn't get one to fall. Eventually, he was fouled and went to the line and drained two of three.

February 15 will be the team's final home game and senior night, the plan is to get a lead against Start and give Washington a chance to knock down a field goal.

If it happens, Dajauan King, his teammate, says it will be the happiest day of his life.