Local TV guy can't kick a football

WNWO's Tim McMahon attempting to 'kick it' at Genoa football practice.

You see it all the time, ex-jocks move to the television side of the business when their career comes to an end.

Instead of playing the game, they can sit and talk about how good they were and how they were better than anyone playing now.

That will never be the case with our weekend sportscaster, Tim McMahon.

Tim was out at Genoa High School shooting a story on their match-up with Eastwood this Friday night.

However, instead of an in-depth look at how this battle of unbeatens will decide the first-ever Northern Buckeye Conference champion, Tim had his shot at realizing a dream.

His dream of kicking a field goal through the uprights and being mobbed by his teammates.

Thanks to coach Mike Vicars, the Comets and television magic it happened but as Paul Harvey always said, here's 'the rest of the story.....'