Meet 'The Twister'

Genoa sr. Felipe Martinez

"It's a twister! It's a twister!"

Not only is that one of the most memorable lines in movie history, it's also the reaction of wrestling fans watching Felipe Martinez close out yet another match.

The Genoa senior, nicknamed "The Twister", uses a move by the same name to finish off his opponents.

"I get front headlock on people, I get a underhook and I just roll them through and that's why I call it the twister...It's like a roll...I just put them on their back and pin them," said Martinez, who also recalled the first time he saw the move. "I was probably nine or 10. I went to a national tournament as [a] biddy and I seen some guy it and I was like..."Whoa, what's that move?" [The] next tournament I started hitting it and ever since's just been my move, I guess.

And he's not the only Comet who uses the move.

"When I first heard of it I thought it was kind of bush league and now our whole team drills it daily. Now we're getting known...Genoa, that's what we do," said Genoa head coach Bob Bergman.

Martinez isn't just one move, he's the total package on the mat. He's only lost three matches his entire high school career and he's going for his 4th state championship this season and each previous championship has come in a different weight class.

As a freshman at St. Paris Graham high school, not far from Columbus, Martinez won the 130-pound title in Division III. The next season he moved up to 140. And last season, his first with Genoa, he won the Division III title in the 152-pound class. This season, he's currently at 170, but hopes to be competing at 162 come tournament time.

As for a career after high school, Martinez plans on wrestling at a Division I college. Right now he's narrowed his choices to NC State and Arizona State.

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