Real-time look at construction of new Lake HS field

Lake High School football players and fans will soon be getting their playing field back, which is good news for the tornado-ravaged school.

An insurance company says it will cover the cost of replacing the turf and work has already been started by employees from Maumee Bay Turf Center.

"This is a high-end monofilament surface," said Brad Morrison, Maumee Bay Turf Center. "We'll dig down about 18-inches and we have to take all the sand and topsoil off, then we have to compact it and put in drains," he said.

Workers will have to replace the field's surface because of the amount of debris that was scattered all over the field by the tornado. The debris includes sharp pieces of glass that can be a danger to the players or anyone on the field. "These fields are beyond what any human can clean and there is no machine that can clean up the glass and the nails," said Morrison.

Installing the new artificial turf is a $750,000 project. You can view the progress by visiting the Maumee Bay Turf Center's website.