Robinson continues to coach despite stroke

MVCD Assistant Josh Arthur

"If it is to be, it is up to me."

That's what Maumee Valley Coutnry Day boys basketball head coach Jim Robinson has preached to his players for over 40 years, and now they're words he's living by himself.

On May 24 of this past year, Robinson suffered a stroke while leaving an open-gym practice.

"At the time I was unable to speak," Robinson said. "[Now] I'm a bit delayed with my speech but I'm in there and as fired as ever."

Coach Robinson has spent time at nine different high schools in Ohio and Michigan and has won over 500 games in his career. Among his stops are: Port Clinton, St. Francis, Libbey, Maumee(twice), Lake and now Maumee Valley. He also briefly worked as an assistant at Akron.

This season, however, his status was up in the air until a week before tip off. Robinson eventually decided to take his seat back on the Hawks bench. He will lean on his assistants more this season than he ever has before.

"Sometimes he does tend to get tired but that's where us as assistant coaches, coach [Greg] Burmeister and myself, step in and we have to play that role and be ready to go," said assistant Josh Arthur.

When it comes to a timeout or late in the game there is no question who the leader of the team is. "Rest assured, he is the one speaking with the kids and they know it and all their eyes are focused on him," said Arthur.

The vibe around practice is that this will be coach Robinson's final season and, although he's retired twice from coaching before only to return, he admits this is probably his last go round.

"My wife, who taught 45..46 years, retired already so she's saying 'what are you doing?'..."Maybe it's time for me to do winter in Florida...just relax and enjoy life."

Arthur, who played for Robinson his junior and senior years at Maumee Valley, hopes to take the reigns of a high school program one day and he plans on passing on his mentor's teachings.

"I will want to do it the way he did it. [Because] I believ in his system, I believe that it works and I believe in what it teaches kids, not just basketball wise, but within life itself."