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      Swanton football opens new playbook under Vicars

      The Swanton Bulldogs are looking to rebound from a disappointing season under the leadership of a new head coach.

      Coming off a 2-6 record in the Northwest Ohio Ahtletic League (2-9 overall), the Swanton Bulldogs are opening a new playbook under new head coach Mike Vicars.

      Vicars brings along 24 years of coaching experience to the struggling program, which only won four games during the past three seasons. Vicars said the first step is to get his team mentally prepared and adapted to a new system.

      â??You start with trying to create some positive self-esteem and you try to have a positive lifestyle amongst your football players,â?? said Vicars.

      Seniors said they are excited for the opportunity to play under Vicars.

      â??We're just lifting weights early on in the summer and then coming out here and running through plays and stuff to get used to the new system,â?? said senior Dylan Sanderson. He continued, â??Everything is more compact and we have more running backs and we're not throwing the ball all over the place this year, we're just running it.â??

      The Bulldogs open their season August 29 vs. Springfield at Swanton High School.