Whitmer falls to Cleveland St.Ignatius in State Semi-Finals

A stout D wasn't enough for Whitmer to come away with the win


  1. -1st quarter, Whitmer's Tyler Palka intercepted by Chad Aerni
  2. -St.Ignatius capitalizes, Eric Williams 18 yard touchdown pass to Conor Hennessey, 7-0
  3. -Palka pass complete to Nigel Hayes
  4. -Whitmer trying to score after the big play to Hayes, but Palka intercepted by Thomas Fanning
  5. -Middle of the 2nd quarter, Williams intercepted by Whitmer's Mark Meyers
  6. -Beginning of the 3rd quarter, Jody Webb with the 90 yard touchdown run, 10-6 St.Ignatius after Whitmer missed extra point
  7. -Williams touchdown pass to Tim McCoy, 17-6
  8. -Palka fumbles to end any comeback chance

Sound from Whitmer head coach Joe Palka, Seniors Jody Webb and Chris Wormley