Whitmer wins 6th Annual Game of Pink

Whitmer players wearing pink socks

They may not play in the same league anymore, but the Whitmer-Bedford rivalry is as strong as ever.

The Panthers defeated the Kicking Mules 60-44 on Saturday night. For years the two would meet twice a year as members of the Great Lakes League, but when the GLL folded both schools moved to different conferences.

"Coach [Bruce] the locker room and school, he was telling us about the history of the rivalry and how intense it is, so we all wanted to make sure we come out and continue the legacy in the right way for Whitmer," said junior Nigel Hayes who had six points in the game.

Whitmer was led in scoring by junior Luke Hickey with 17, he was followed closely by senior Leroy Alexander with 14. For Bedford, senior Ryan Rightnowar had 17 points and junior Jackson Lamb had 11.

For the past six years the most important part of the game hasn't been the play on the court. It has been known as the Game of Pink. Fans, players, cheerleaders and coaches wear pink for breast cancer awareness. Proceeds benefit the northwest Ohio chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

"I'm just really proud of all the people that took it seriously and made the financial contributions and also are dedicated to wear pink. Obviously, it's a deadly disease that we're going to continue to fight," said Whitmer head coach Bruce Smith.