Whitmer's road back to the state title game starts now

Whitmer Panthers are on the prowl to top last season

After a historical 2012 football season of winning its fourth consecutive league title, third consecutive regional title, and reaching the Division I State title game for the first time in the program's history, the Whitmer Panthers are on the prowl to top last year's success.

Reaching the Division I state title this year will not come easy for the Panthers since the program graduated a core group of seniors who were a big reason for last year's success. But Whitmer's program has reached a level of continuous success where it doesn't have to rebuild but just reload. The philosophy of hard work and dedication is ingrained within Whitmer players of past, present and future.

This summer over 80 Whitmer football players have been coming out for each offseason workout with the hope the work they are putting in now will pay off in December.

Whitmer's road to the state title game starts with a season opener against Perrysburg August 30, 2013.