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      A dreary, cloudy, drizzly day to start the month of December. But fear not...better stuff is on the way.

      Not Wednesday though. After some clearing tonight, we'll cloud things back up into the daylight hours tomorrow.

      By mid-afternoon, showers creep back into the area. And as temperatures cool toward sunset, we'll likely see a bit of a rain/snow mix for a while before it tapers off into the evening.

      No accumulations expected Wednesday night so no worries there.

      Into Thursday, high pressure builds back in. We should turn partly cloudy during the day. Once the sun shows up...get used to it because it will visit frequently in the coming days.

      It looks like we settle into a very quiet weather patter from Thursday stretching well into next week. Highs will climb into the upper 40s by the weekend.

      Take care of yourself...so you can take care of others.

      Chief Met Norm

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