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      Some showers popping along the weak front pushing through this afternoon, but drier air from behind will limit any major storm activity. However, the unstable atmosphere could bring a few rumbles of thunder and some lighting in a couple of cells. Activity comes to a halt during the early evening with skies clearing out through the overnight.

      Memorial Day is looking FANTASTIC! Drier air working in will cut the humid conditions we have felt over the past couple of days and mostly sunny skies will keep our temperatures in the mid-80s.

      Dry weather and sunny skies will be the story over the next several days with temperatures hanging out in the mid to low 80s.

      Thursday a trailing cold front will pass through ushering a few showers and storms and returning temperatures to seasonal numbers back to the mid to lower 70s.

      Enjoy the holiday and remember those who sacrificed their lives for ours!

      Meteorologist Allison Peters

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