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      Oh baby! We're serving up the Thanksgiving treats a little early weather wise...

      Today will be a beauty with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and temps climbing 10 to 15 degrees above seasonal norms - into the mid and upper 50's on this Thanksgiving Eve. If you're traveling for the holiday weekend don't forget the shades!

      Overnight will be partly cloudy, windy and mild with lows in the low and mid 40's.

      Thanksgiving day is looking just fine. Yes we'll have plenty of clouds and some wind, but we'll also have some warmth. Skies will become mostly cloudy with windy highs back into the mid 50's.

      A cold front moves across the region Friday with soaking rains through a good portion of the day. It will be windy and mild with highs in the low and mid 50's by early afternoon.

      We turn markedly cooler for the weekend. Saturday looks like the "Pick of the Weekend" with partly sunny skies. Sunday will likely offer a few hit and miss showers during the afternoon. High temps both days will barely get into the 40's.

      Be safe if traveling and have a Thanksgiving to be thankful for,

      Meteorologist Jon James

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      Record High61F
      Record Low17F