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      After a gloomy, chilly Saturday conditions will turn around a bit to end our weekend on a more pleasant note. High pressure will be settling in from the east bringing back the sunshine and average temperatures for this time of year in the low 40's. Monday we will start with some sun but look for clouds to build in through the day as another area of low pressure moves in from the central plains. It will swing a cold front through on Tuesday dragging along scattered showers, which as of now will persist through the first half of the day on Tuesday. Cooler air along with rap around moisture from the low could lead to a few flurries to be seen on Wednesday. Once we get past the midweek it will be mild with temps warming a bit to the upper 40's with lots of sunshine as we head into the weekend.

      Have a great rest of the weekend!

      Meteorologist Allison Peters

      07:38:30 am
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