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      Another beautiful day today with plenty of sun and highs in the low 80s. The first of two upcoming rain chances will be moving in overnight.

      This evening, we'll stay dry as clouds move in after sunset. Rain chances hold off until after midnight. There may be a rumble or two of thunder.

      As the sun rises on Friday, we'll be tracking the back edge of the rain showers through the area. By Friday afternoon, back to partly cloudy skies.

      Saturday and Sunday look similar with plenty of sun and highs in the lower 80s.

      Independence day is Monday...and the news here is that the system tracking for the Ohio River Valley looks to be running farther south. We'll keep a chance for isolated storms on Monday in for the far southern portions of the viewing area. New data to look at tonight, so we'll continue to tweak the forecast as we move forward.

      Beyond the weekend, we look to be back into some heat for the middle and end of next week as temps work back up into the upper 80s for highs.

      Chief Met Norm

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