Drought continues to hit farmers hard

Drought continues

Farmers are looking to the skies and hoping for any rain that might help them deal with the record drought we are having this summer. A survey done by the U.S. Government has shown that the two thirds of the country including Ohio are experiencing some form of drought conditions.

WNWO went to the Fulton County area today to talk with farmers who are dealing with the drought and lack of rain. They told us that because of the heat and the growing stage of the corn and no rain the corn crop could be reduced by 30%. And the farmer added that even with rain the corn crop could still be in trouble.

On Monday Congressman Bob Latta will be touring the Fulton County area to get a firsthand look at the damage the drought has caused. The House is currently working on a bill to help farmers deal with the drought. Farmer Tom Vongeggern talks about the drought in the following interview.