Great Pumpkin pays a visit to The Toledo Zoo

Toledo Zoo animals are celebrating Halloween this weekend by jumping pumpkins.

Saturday and Sunday some of your favorite Zoo animals will discover that the Great Pumpkin has paid a visit to their habitats.

Some animals will eat the pumpkins, while some animals might just knock them around. Either way, it's a lot of fun to watch and a great experience for the animals.

Here's a rundown of times for the pumpkin pandemonium.

Saturday, October 30:

Primate Forest 10:15

Rhinos 10:30

Elephants 10:45

Meerkats 1:45

Chimps & Orangs 2:30

Aviary enrichment throughout the day

Sunday, October 31:

Cheetahs 10:00

Gorillas 10:15

Wolves 1:30

Monkeys in Aquarium Rainforest 3:30

Aviary enrichment throughout the day

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