New 'poop' brew; elephant dung coffee

Elephants produce good coffee

The best part of waking up each morning is my fresh cup of hot coffee. But there is a new brew that I might just think twice about having for my morning pick me up and I am thinking that most of you will probably agree with me on this one.

The new 'cup of joe' is made from beans that have passed through an elephant. Yes, when I say passed through I do mean passed through.

Called Black Ivory Coffee, the new blend starts out in the stomach of an elephant. Handfuls of ripened coffee cherries are fed to elephants on a reserve in Thailand. Once eaten, Mother Nature then goes to work and the coffee beans are harvested from the elephants dung and roasted.

The people behind this special brew say the end result is a less bitter coffee. Blake Dinkin the founder of Black Ivory Coffee says "When an elephant eats coffee there's an enzymatic reaction, so there's acid in the stomach and that breaks down the protein found in coffee. So, protein's one of the factors responsible for bitterness so as a result you've got a coffee without the bitterness of regular coffee."

Now if you want to try this coffee you're going to have to dig deep. A cup of this special "poop" coffee will cost you $50 per serving.

Oh and you'll need to fork out the cash for a plane ticket as well. The only place in the world that serves this special coffee is an exclusive resort in Thailand.

So what do you think, would you try 'poop' coffee?