What? No bacon? A shortage is "unavoidable" next year

I want my bacon! Better get it this year

If you're a big bad wolf and want to "blow the house down" to get bacon, don't bother.

New reports out say a bacon and pork shortage is "unavoidable" next year.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the European Union's pig herd is declining "at a significant rate" according to the National Pig Assn. in Briton.

The reason? The summer drought conditions here in the U.S. that destroyed corn and soybean crops. With the rise in feed prices, it became to expensive to feed the pigs and farmers were forced to reduce their herds.

So you better get your fill of "bacon sundaes", "bacon vodka" and the goodness of sliced bacon in the morning before years end.

How can we survive without BACON?