Life Tastes Better Here: 5th Street Pub

5th Street Pub Better.PNG

5th Street Pub in downtown Perrysburg continues to gain popularity as their head chef Bruce Rahe adds award winning chef to his list of accomplishments.

He was given the title of "culinary genius" by the regional Food Fanatics competition for his use of his creative dishes at the pub. According to Food Fanatic chef Steven Grostick, the food fanatic program is a group of 40 passionate chefs from around the country that go in and assist customers to help them inspire and succeed.

Chef Rahe's passion and inspiration for bringing Neapolitan pizzas to the Perrysburg and Toledo area is what gained him recognition to become a finalist in the competition. The real deal Margherita pizza is a favorite at the restaurant with its New York style thin crust and fresh ingredients of tomatoes imported from Italy to make the sauce, along with fresh basil give the pizza an authentic taste that everyone craves!

The restaurants success continues to grow as they are getting set to open another location on December 14th in Sylvania off of Monroe Street.

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