Life Tastes Better Here: Kyoto Ka Downtown, Toledo

Kyoto Ka.PNG

For a real sushi, its best to go to a restaurant that has brought authentic taste directly from the Japanese culture. The owner of the restaurant studied culinary in Kyoto Japan before opening a restaurant in Toledo. In developing a name for the sushi bar it was only fitting to have the place that brought inspiration to the menu as part of the title. “Ka” was added because it is the Japanese word for family, and the two restaurants are run by father and son. Kyoto Ka first opened ten years ago on Central avenue near McCord. Two years ago, Kyoto Ka Downtown was started up in downtown area of Toledo. No-matter which location customers dine at they will find the same great expertly rolled sushi.

Customers have the option of over 100 different sushi combinations to choose from off the menu. It is broken down for easy ordering to both sushi lovers and novices with well-defined sections. Headings divide lists into categories of sashimi, uncooked rolls, tempura, cooked rolls, regular rolls, specialty rolls and vegetarian rolls.

Besides sushi, Kyoto Ka has stir-fry, soup, salad, noodle dishes and several different entrees. But if customers come during lunch they can take advantage of the Bento Boxes. The divided trays include a choice of protein, alongside gyoza, shumai, a California roll, house salad and miso soup. Even the city paper agrees that the sushi bar has great lunch special with the restaurant winning the award for best lunch specials 5 years in a row.

Kyoto Ka Downtown does throw special events with its next one held on April 12th featuring a Blue Fin Tuna cutting.

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