Life Tastes Better Here: Pagliai's Pizza


From 1967 to 1992 forty-three pizza houses have come and gone in Bowling Green but one pizzeria has managed to survive…Pagliai’s Pizza. Owner George Nicholson is still slicing pies at the bowling Green restaurant after bringing the recipe to the area 50 years ago.

George started out working for the Pagliai brothers and their Midwest college campus inspired pizza chain as a teenager when he was living in Iowa. The Pagliai brothers decided to continue their expansion with a store in Bowling Green and gave George the opportunity to run the business. Now, he is the restaurant owner still using the original sauce recipe from when he first opened the pizzeria.

Pagliai’s isn’t just a carry out-pizza place, it’s a complete restaurant with an all you can eat buffet. It has two homemade soups of the day, a salad bar and of course a pizza bar with up to twelve different rotating pizzas available. What sets this pizza buffet apart from the rest is customer requests. If a customer wants a specific pizza on the buffet, they put in their order and a few slices will be brought right to their table before it goes into the buffet rotation.

Outside of the buffet, 14 specialty pizzas are on the menu with the option to always create your own.

They have 25 different toppings available and three different sauces, allowing for limitless varieties in pizza creations. Outside of pizza, the restaurant also has subs and pasta dishes on their menu.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary Pagliai's is going back to 1967 prices on certain items during select hours of the day.

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