Life Tastes Better Here: Pizza Fire, Toledo

Pizza Fire.PNG

Ignite your taste buds with fresh, fast pizza from Pizza Fire in Toledo. It’s a personal pizza made just the way you want it with a wait time of under 3-minutes!

Pizza Fire was brought to Toledo just a few months ago delivering the idea of American’s favorite food in wholesome form. The pizza place uses hydroponically grown basil & lettuce with local farm sourced produce and meats. They keep ingredients all-natural right down to their mozzarella cheese made with 100% whole milk.

Ordering food is just as simple as the quality of the product. Customers get to build their own 11-inch pizza step-by-step, along with the pizza maker to ensure the correct outcome of the order every time. Customers get to make their own selections as they move down the pizza bar. Options start out with style of crust, followed by the sauce type, then cheese, ending with over 30 different topping varieties to pile on.

Once ordering is complete, the pizza goes into an 800 brick oven where it completes its cooking time in just 180 seconds!

For those not interested in building their own pizza pie, they can choose from a list of recipes designed by world class pizzaiolos or devour the pizza of the month that only comes out once a year.

On Mondays and Tuesdays Pizza Fire hosts community fundraisers with non-profits where a portion of the proceeds go to the organization.

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