Life's Better Here: Haas-Jordan Umbrellas, Holland


Haas-Jordan is a century old company that makes quality umbrellas here in the Toledo area. The product name has built up a reputation over the years allowing business to expand, forcing relocation from downtown on Summit street over to Maumee and now to their current home in Holland.

The new facility is where all of the umbrella decorating takes place. They use a special process called screen printing allowing nylon umbrellas to be marked with company logos and colorful scenes in a matter of minutes.

The specialty umbrellas are primarily made for two market areas. They produce for promotional product distributors that essentially want a walking billboard with company logos. Their other area of expertise, and primarily their largest market is with golf. Haas-Jordan is the leader in umbrellas for both the PGA & USGA. However, anyone can purchase an umbrella by checking out the company’s on-line store.

Printing capabilities have allowed for additional products to be produced under a newer division of the company called Spitting Image. This business allows for images to be printed on many different mediums. Almost anything under the umbrella of soft material products like socks and t-shirts to hard surfaces of glass cutting boards, aluminum bottles and stoneware.

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