Life’s Better Here: Pizza 101 at Nick & Nino’s

Life’s Better Here: Pizza 101 at Nick & Nino’s (WNWO)

Kids are never too young to learn how to make food in the kitchen! Nick and Nino’s Bar & Grill in Monroe has a special workshop that teaches children the basics in making every kids favorite meal…pizza!

Pizza 101 covers all the “how to’s” in six simple steps. It starts with proper hygiene and gets hands on with dough stretching, piling on toppings, cooking, cutting and finally ending with a step that everyone is good at…eating!

Kids get to dress the part with a hat and apron and work on the pizza line just as real cooks do! They get to load up their pizza’s from a selection of 21 toppings that are prepared fresh daily and watch their crust bubble in a 1000-degree coal fired oven.

The cost for pizza 101 is completely free for kids with the purchase of the small pizza that they prepare during the class. The workshop is currently held every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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