Life’s Better Here: Royal Deli Foods & Stewart Sandwiches


Stewart Sandwiches has been making wholesale sandwiches found in gas stations and grocery stores since 1954. Seven years ago when the company went up for sale in Perrysburg Nancy Avalos decided to come out of retirement and buy the business. Having the resources from managing the sandwich delivery shop gave Nancy the opportunity to launch another delivery service to help fulfill a need in the community.

Royal Deli Foods started out as a meal delivery service for home-bound and disabled individuals, but anyone can take advantage of their services. Having been a volunteer deliverer years ago for another company, Nancy saw the impact and importance in getting food to those who were unable to make it out on their own. Nancy not only wanted to accommodate others with the service but with the quality of food they were eating.

The delivery food company works with a dietitian to make healthy, portion controlled meals based on the standard daily intake regulations. A menu of 16 items is made each week for customers to choose from, covering all three meals of the day. The service allows for 2 options a day with the delivery twice a week of the made fresh, never frozen meals. The three compartment containers will keep food fresh up to seven days with the option for customers to freeze in order to preserve the food. In addition to the meals, once a week with delivery, every customer gets a half gallon of milk and a loaf of bread.

The family owned and operated businesses is all hands on and ran by three generations of family members. Everyone has their role from customer service down to the preparing, boxing and delivery of food right to your front door!

Royal Deli delivers to anyone living in Lucas, Fulton, and Wood county.

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