Life's Better Here: Toledo RECON Nerf

Nerf 2.PNG

Aiming takes on a whole new level of difficulty with moving targets!

The idea of Nerf club started up with a close group of friends who wanted innocent fun at a Bachelor party. Monthly re-unions got the game growing with friends bringing friends eventually taking over the church space at Reynolds Corner, which evolved their name of Toledo RECON Nerf. The group has now relocated to the Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter and opened the club up to public play.

The Nerfing activity is simple…you run around and shoot people. It’s a great way to get some exercise, have fun and entertain at any age.

Even though this is a club, there are no membership requirements. Toledo RECON will loan out their Nerf guns and darts to anyone who is willing to participate in the fun. The fee is minimal with a donation of money to put towards more ammo and the rental of the facility

The club meets once a month with events listed on their Facebook page. It may be a game of war but at least no one gets hurt with the soft ammunition!

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