1st Battalion, 148th Infantry Regiment welcomed home at Stranahan

More than 300 soldiers got to see their families for the first time in 10 months Wednesday (WNWO).

It was an emotional night in Toledo, as family and friends welcomed back more than 300 local soldiers.

The Ohio National Guard 1st Battalion, 148th Infantry entered the Stranahan Theater on Wednesday night to see their loved ones, after 10 months of being away.

The Walbridge-based unit was partnered with the Jordanian Armed Forces for training in both Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

Private Rob Tober, who was not stationed over seas, was thrilled to see his best friend again...his brother.

"Oh it's great. We called here and there. Every time, we got to catch up a little bit, but now we get to catch up as much as we want. We're both going back to my mom's house and staying there for a few months or so, going to get a lot of time together. We're really close."

Portions of the battallion have been deployed six times since 2001, and for one mother, it's not the first time she's welcomed her son home.

"My husband actually went out and bought me an Iphone, so I could FaceTime. This is his second deploment. There wasn't a welcome home for his first one, so this has been very welcoming," said Lizabeth Stetz.

Being in the national guard is unpredictable and soldiers can be deployed at any given time.

Now, their job is to get acclimated back home.

Their families are ready to help in any way possible.

"Just being myself, I guess. Keeping that same relationship we've always had, just that brother bond and getting back into the swing of things," exclaimed Private Tober.

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