A whole new way to look at the world

Benjamin Murray (right) alongside fellow eSight recipient Kasandra Romero. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza) 

Imagine only hearing the sound of a horse, the buzzing of a bee and the rustle of the leaves.

Never quite able to experience what's directly in front of you.

"When you look at me and say, oh you'll never be able to see this. It made me so angry, I mean, wouldn't it you?" said Benjamin Murray, recipient of a special pair of glasses called eSight 3.

Murray is a Wauseon and was born weighing just over a pound with a condition called Optic Nerve Atrophy.

It severely limits the ability for his brain to process what many of us see, and take for granted, daily.

"You'd be nothing but a thin stick figure. I couldn't see the expression on your face," said Murray.

The special glasses he wears act as a high definition camera for Ben and allow him to zoom in and out to see objects and faces more clearly.

The eye wear is expensive and not covered by insurance, but the community came out to support him.

"Several people gave, the Lions Club was the biggest, I've since joined that, I'm on the board of directors and in the group. My optometrist also gave money, she's a big part of this and she's a strong support of eSight," said Murray.

Murray said he now hopes to strike out on his own and rent his own apartment and pursue his passion for communications.

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