A Wild Experience: Indian Creek Zoo, Lambertville


There is a wild adventure happening right in the “outback” of Toledo. Indian Creek Zoo is one of the fastest growing privately owned zoos in the country located just across the Michigan/Ohio border in Lambertville.

Guest take a self-guided tour on paved paths winding around 51-acres of land. The woody environment and up-close animal enclosures give guest a true feeling of coexisting in their habitat. The animal’s friendly upbringing gets them accustomed to visitors, allowing for interactions that you won’t find elsewhere. People can feed the animals and have giraffe, sloth and camel encounters.

President of Indian Creek Zoo Joe Garverick says “we are a different zoo by design, on purpose, we’re up-close and personal, education conservation.”

There are currently 78 different species and over 300 animals, with that number still growing along with the zoos space. Construction is underway for a natural swamp area which will allow native birds to dwell in a new home.

The zoo began in 2011 and opened to the public in 2014. Indain Creek had 10,000 guests in their 1st year and are on track to see 85,000 people this year. Their goal is to have 1 million guests during their open season.

Indian Creek Zoo is open daily until 5 p.m.

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