Active threat situation training draws multiple departments together

    Members of several departments participated in active threat training Monday (WNWO).

    Many put their training to the test on Monday.

    University of Toledo Police, City of Toledo Police, Toledo Fire and Rescue and Toledo Public Schools Department of Public Safety were all part of a active threat drill at Toledo Early College on Monday.

    "One reason I think I'm more excited about this drill is that we have so many different players from so many different agencies, and we're testing a number of different objectives. It makes it very unique and exciting. This is more realistic to how it would happen in the real world," said UT Police Chief Jeff Newton.

    Beginning in March, all of the departments have been working on their Rescue Task Force Training.

    This is where paramedics and EMTs go into active threat situations, instead of waiting for the shooter to be neutralized.

    Victims can now be treated sooner and have a greater chance of survival.

    "We had over 40 victims in this, so it's a quick triage of who we were able to save," said TFRD's Bryce Blair.

    There are more than 370 students and 20 faculty members at Toledo Early College, and volunteers acted as if they were either injured, killed or evacuated.

    "I was really surprised by how intense it was. I obviously know that in the event of a real incident, we will have casualties and those kind of things will happen, but I was just really impressed by how well the students reacted an how seriously they took the situation," declared Toledo Early College Principal Karen Berman.

    Toledo Fire and Recue Battalion Chief Bryce Blair says the more they all train, the more lives they will save.

    "The more you can duplicate what real life might be, the better. As a matter of fact, we can take this and notch it up. That's our plan is that we will go even farther than this."

    Toledo Public Schools says their students began ALICE training on the first day of the school year, and this just continues to add to their education on the subject.

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