Adrian College welcomes Bruiser II, an 11-week-old puppy mascot

Adrian College's Bruiser II was introduced to the public on Christmas Day (WNWO).

Adrian College students' empty hearts were filled on Christmas Day with the announcement of a brand new puppy mascot, Bruiser II.

This comes after the tragic announcement of the original Bruiser's death on November 17th. He was the school's mascot for the last eight years.

"I think everybody that knows me knows that losing a pet is like losing a family member. It was extremely difficult. He was ill and it was something that we thought we could get through. But in the end, he's in a better place, so I'm grateful, said Bruiser's Caretaker, Janine Grier.

To fill the void, the college decided Christmas was the perfect time to make the announcement.

"Christmas is obviously a happy time, and so we decided, let's bring in Bruiser II at Christmas, so that people can celebrate with us at a joyful time of the year," stated President Jeffrey Docking.

Bruiser II will make his debut with the students when they come back to school on January 8th. Adrian's President Jeffrey Docking believes that the Bruiser mascot has become an essential part of campus life.

"We've enjoyed many enhancements over the last several years, brought many changes to the school, that I think has made Adrian a much better place. This dog is just consistent with that."

The training for Bruiser II has begun, and he's got some big shoes to fill, but he seems to already be showing signs that he is ready for the same status as Bruiser I: VIP, or Very Important Puppy.

"So far, he seems to be extremely photogenic. We've introduced balls, which he loves. We're going to get him to Caine for birthday parties, just like Bruiser I. My hope for him is that he can make his big brother, Bruiser I, proud," exclaimed Grier.

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