After losing brother to diabetes, Ohio man educates youth on healthy living

Riley testing third graders on healthy food choices (courtesy:NBC 24 News).

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--An Ohio man is using his family tragedy to fight back against childhood obesity.

Fitness Trainer Michael Riley lost his brother to diabetes in his 30s.

"He ended up getting a leg amputated and still didn't take care of himself" said Riley, "It hurts me because he was so young and he lost his life".

Riley, a personal trainer and fitness coach , used that experience to commit his life to living well and he's teaching others to do the same, starting young.

"Obesity, diabetes, and unhealthy eating habits are something that occur predominately in the black community. I feel like we need to reach the kids at a younger age."

On the last day of School, Riley spoke to third graders at Discovery Academy about balanced meals, the importance of exercise and staying hydrated while playing outside--- something he wishes someone would have told him.

"If I could have had more knowledge about what to put in my body, I think it would've helped me a lot," said Riley.

Kids also got a chance to ask him questions while eating a healthy snack.

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