Agency: Swimsuit inspection lands Ohio YMCA in hot water

A central Ohio YMCA asked youngsters to lower their swimsuits when feces were found in a pool / therapycatguardian (Flickr)

The state Department of Job and Family Services says counselors violated policy at a central Ohio YMCA by asking youngsters to lower their swimsuits when feces were found in a pool.

Job and Family Services spokeswoman Angela Terez tells The Columbus Dispatch the day care at the YMCA in Lancaster must tell the state by Aug. 21 how it plans to ensure compliance with policy.

Otherwise, it risks license revocation.

The state investigated after police said a parent complained that his son and another boy were told in a locker room on July 19 to pull their shorts to their knees while a male counselor inspected their bottoms. He told police boys and girls were separated.

The YMCA's Executive Director Mike Lieber says child health and safety is of utmost importance and that policies are being reviewed with staff.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

What do you think the counselor should have done? How should counselors handle situations like these? Would you want to have to come pick up your child from camp each time they have an "accident?" Sound off below and on our WNWO Facebook page.

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