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Amazon helping Toledo non-profit

Bethany House benefiting from Amazon.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - A local non-profit in Toledo is getting help from Amazon. Meaning if you buy something online, your money could come back to Northwest Ohio.

Bethany House is a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. The shelter is run entirely on donations, so every bit counts.

Now, as part of Amazon Smiles, it'll get even more money. The company is giving back to local charities. So if you buy anything through smiles, a percentage will go to Bethany House.

“We have a car gifting program for people who are eligible in our shelter to receive a good, used, car,” said Deidra Lashley, the executive director of Bethany House. “It can totally transform their lives. From being able to get their kids back and forth to school, to being able to get a better job."

If you aren't looking to shop, but want to help out Bethany House, they have a wish list of items they are in need of. You can find that here,

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