Is Jerry Springer considering a run for Ohio Governor?

    Jerry Springer speaks to a crowd at a fundraiser in Fremont. (Jim Nelson/WNWO).

    As the deputy director of the Sandusky County Board of Elections introduced Jerry Springer to a crowd of supporters in Fremont, she pleaded with him to move back to Ohio and place his name on the ballot for Governor in 2018.

    Springer was the keynote speaker at a Sandusky County Democratic Party fundraiser on Wednesday in Fremont -- it's something he's done quite a bit over the years as the former Cincinnati mayor and city councilman.

    Barbara Tuckerman wasn't the first person to make that suggestion.

    Rumors have swirled that Springer may throw his hat into the ring, after all, he did seek the seat in 1982.

    "I'm an American citizen and I love being involved," he said before the event, seemingly denying interest in running again. "I don't need to be a candidate, I don't need to run for office, I'm here to help the party.

    "I'm not looking for a career or to pad a resume," Springer added, noting that he has frequently made political appearances in the three decades since he was last in office. "I'm happy where I am. I want to help the party, I want to help the country... as a citizen."

    But is that a hard no?

    "Look, if you want a king... I can be a king. I was born in England and left when I found out I couldn't be king. So now I've come to America... if you're looking for a king, why not? We're halfway there, apparently," he said in response to a question about whether or not we can rule the possibility out.

    The chair of the Sandusky County Democratic Party said he would welcome a Springer campaign in 2018.

    "He's very educated, he's been mayor of Cincinnati, he's been on city council before, he's seen all the issues and he's seen how they affect people," Christopher Liebold said.

    Oddly enough, Springer once worked for President Donald Trump as the host of the Miss Universe pageant.

    "He was only nice to me, so it's not that," he says of his opposition to Trump. "We have a totally different political philosophy. Right now I think the middle class is being taken over the coals."

    Springer said jobs, healthcare and education need to be the focus of the President.

    "If you love America -- you've got to love Americans."

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